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Fiber Optic Node (ONU - 5112)

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Fiber Optic Node (ONU - 5112)

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Model: ONU-5112

Main Features

45-862 MHz
Up stream available (reverse path upgradeable)
Two Philips Hybrid 1C
4 RF outputs
Plug in Slope Control circuit
High efficiency SMPS
Return path optical Transmitter (Optional)
Return path diplex filter (Optional)


Technical Specifications





 45-862 MHz

 Return path Passband

 5-200 MHz

 Return path frequency split

 30/47 MHz, 45/54 MHz or 65/87 MHz


 ±1.0 dB

 Output Return loss

 >-12 dB

 Main output

 98 dBuV (98 dBuV for 2 output ports at -2 dBm input)

 Gain Control

 Plug In (1 dB /Step)

 Pre Slope

 Plug in (1 dB/Step)




 > - 66 dBc


 > - 66 dBc


 > 52 dB Optical input -1 dBm, RF output -106 dBuV

 Input Wavelength

 1290-1600 nm

 Input optical power

 -5 to +2 dBm

 Fiber Connector


 AC Line Voltage

 130~220 VAC (Optional 35~90VAC)

 Max Power Consumption

 25VA (Without Reverse Path)



 Operating Temp

 -25 dEg C to 55 deg C


 315x225x150 mm


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